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Hairdressing has always been a very popular service industry on the labour market. Besides being well‑qualified, hairdressers should know how to make a client feel comfortable and self‑confident. Hairdressers should constantly be ready to train in order to keep up with the latest trends. With no doubt hairdressing requires a great talent. It is a kind of art in which your own vision must meet the client’s expectations. Hence, an ability to communicate is an additional attribute. And if you are truly passionate success is guaranteed.
A job of a hairdresser has never ceased to be very attractive and profitable. You will find a position in a salon, may set up your own business, get employed on a movie or theatre set. A hairdresser should always be ready to travel, even abroad. The working time may be fixed hours or on shifts.
The hairdresser's duties are: finding out the client's needs, performing all sorts of hairdressing procedures, being up‑to‑date with the latest trends and techniques. Hairdressers must keep their place of work clean and safe. They must regularly supply their salons with all the necessary cosmetics and tools.
A good hairdresser should be patient, communicative, responsible, punctual, perceptive and kind. Other attributes are: flexibility, the ability to make quick decisions, aesthetic sensitivity, communicativeness, self‑discipline, concentration and good manners. You must never stop your professional development. Constant search for inspiration, unconventional ideas, imagination, are all very important qualities.

Hairdressing services technician


A hairdresser technician is an occupation that allows you to work in various professional areas as it offers a wide range of services and gives you a lot of possibilities to run your own business.
A person having been educated in this direction is prepared to perform all sorts of hairdressing procedures such as hair cutting, colouring, texturing, styling, as well as any necessary repairing techniques.
Naturally, a potential hairdresser technician should have manual talents, aesthetic sensitivity, interpersonal skills and be well acquainted with all the aspects of their profession. Good physical condition is absolutely a must as hairdressing is a continuous work on feet.
Looking for a job, you will find employment in a hairdressing salon, cosmetic manufacturing companies, on a movie or theatre set, in television or you may set up your own business.
The possibility of becoming an artisan and an entrepreneur at the same time seems to be one of the most encouraging features of this occupation.
This may therefore be a good direction for job seekers, which gives not only almost certain income, but also satisfaction from the performed profession.