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Basket maker and weaver

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

The basket maker and weaver is a profession that belongs with the branch of handicraft that mixes art with technology. Fast‑spreading demand for traditional goods opens up new, exciting job opportunities for qualified craftsmen. A well‑experienced product maker will surely be appreciated, both in terms of national and international trade.

A basket maker and weaver handles production of woven goods made of wicker or its mixture with other materials. They also renovate and repair hand‑made products. In their job a craftsman uses traditional patterns and weaves, but they also create new, original forms. Moreover, a basket maker and weaver prepares unprocessed and processed materials that the products are to be made from, chooses and operates the equipment, so the devices such as a banding machine, a sawing machine, or a drilling machine. They make, decorate, and finally finish the products. A craftsman should also be able to draw up schematic and technological documentation of a manufactured product. The knowledge necessary to determine the quality of the materials used and to store the materials and goods themselves in proper conditions is no less important.

The qualifications obtained in the course of education will help future basket makers and weavers find a job in crafts production plants that manufacture furniture, packaging, wicker home baskets, toys, and other wicker products. Well‑trained specialists will also find employment in stores where wicker goods are sold, at wicker plantations, or in small, local wicker workshops. A craftsman can also run their own business or teach occupational therapy in social care centres.

A well‑qualified craftsman should be creative, patient, and thorough. Good eye‑hand coordination, sharp vision and shape perception is also vital. A basket maker and weaver ought to be able to manage their work and time, and the goods must be produced quickly and efficiently. Artistic, technical, and manual skills are also desirable in this profession.