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Film/TV production manager assistant

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

Film production involves a number of creative, organisational, legal, economical, and technical activities which all aim at making a film in form of a digital source master. There are three stages of film production: pre‑production, filming, and postproduction. A number of people have to cooperate in order to produce a film. One such person is an assistant of a film or TV production manager. They are occupied mostly with drawing up the costing, organising production in accordance to a schedule and the requirements related to artistic and technical quality guidelines, as well as coordinating the course of film or video production and postproduction.

A film and TV production manager’s assistant will surely find employment in TV stations or independent production and film studios. They can also organise various events and festivals or work for art and advertising agencies.

A person who wishes to work as a film or TV manager’s assistant should be responsible, available, creative, outgoing, stress‑resistant, and willing to work in constantly changing environment. Teamwork and familiarity with social media and their history, interest in modern film and TV technology, as well as the art of making movies is highly important, too.

A film or TV manager’s assistant usually works in different shooting locations or production offices. Their basic worktools are a cell phone and a computer. They are responsible for a number of tasks such as reading the scripts, meeting the deadlines, fitting in the budget, overseeing the staging, coordinating the work of a technical team, and providing the team members with good working conditions. Taking all that into account, there’s no much left to say other than perhaps this, that the job is very interesting and new stimulating tasks that a film production manager’s assistant has to handle appear every day.