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Papermaking technician

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

The profession of paper technician originates from the group of chemical, ceramic, glass and wood professions. It is characterised by a wide range of development opportunities and a considerable scope of potential workplaces, both in Poland and abroad.

One of the main tasks of a paper technician comprises supervising and conducting various technological processes characteristic for the paper industry. In practice, this refers to the preparation of raw materials, semi‑finished products and auxiliary materials for the production of pulp and paper products, as well as performing the activities related with organising the manufacturing process.

Additionally, the job specification includes monitoring the paper processing operations, managing teams of paper machine operators and keeping records regarding the production process and laboratory work.

Paper technicians are also expected to cooperate with technological services concerning the development of technical manuals and product quality standards. Performing this profession requires a lot of responsibility for oneself and others.

Not only does a paper technician need to monitor the compliance of his or her subordinates with occupational health and safety regulations, but also with fire protection regulations and environmental protection regulations.

The most important qualities and abilities required of papermaking technicians include people and organisational skills, comprehensive knowledge of the industry and technical interests, as well as the ability to focus attention.

Moreover, proficiency in manual dexterity, good overall health condition, persistence and perceptivity are also essential.

There are numerous companies in which papermaking technicians can apply for well‑paid positions.

These businesses include, in particular, paper mills, paper processing plants, laboratories, paper processing warehouses and office supply production plants.