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Mechanic – operator of agricultural vehicles and machines

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

Mechanic - operator of agricultural vehicles and machines is one of the most in‑demand jobs in the labour market, especially in agricultural machinery services. It is recommended for people with technical talents who love the countryside and work in the fields.

Mechanics operate and use tractors, agricultural machinery and implements according to their purpose. They prepare the machines to work, carry out the necessary adjustments and maintenance. Mechanics are responsible for indefectible operation - if necessary, diagnose malfunctions and do any necessary repairs. Additionally, they are authorised to drive agricultural vehicles and passenger cars. Perform agricultural practices such as plowing, harrowing, cultivating, spraying, spreading fertilizers, and also deal with green, root and grain crops.

Persons having been educated in this profession may be employed in agricultural production plants, factories or agricultural services and on farms. They can also run their own businesses in all sorts of agricultural sectors.

Mechanics work in enclosed spaces and maintenance workshops or outdoors. Their working time is closely related to the type of labour. It is different in a company working fixed hours from Monday to Friday and on a farm, running continuously which is determined by weather conditions.

For a good mechanic’s job the knowledge of mechanical engineering and selection of appropriate parameters for agricultural machinery and implements is the most important. Essential attributes are accuracy, concentration, self‑reliance, initiative and flexibility in doing many, different tasks. A mechanic must be physically fit and resistant to stress and fatigue.

Agriculture engineering and agrotronics technician

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

Agriculture engineering and agrotronics technician is a profession with high prospects. It prepares you to work with modern agricultural machinery used in a precision farming system.

Technicians organise, control and perform work related with operation, usage and repair of motor vehicles, agricultural machinery and equipment. They are authorised to drive vehicles used in agriculture. Their most important task is, however, the service of satellite navigation systems of agricultural vehicles and machines.

Persons interested in this job will easily find work in commercial departments of companies selling modern agricultural implements, agricultural machinery repair services, agricultural companies of maintenance, their own farms or trade and production companies.

The time and place of work of a technician depend on the nature of employment. Work can take place both indoors and in the open, eg. in the field. As with other agricultural occupations accumulation of work falls on the summer but in his case the winter period may also abound in a large number of activities, due to the fact that during this time he has to do service to the entire machine park and prepare it to work in the spring.

Personal qualities of a good technician are technical talents and a desire to further educate and learn new technologies. Organizational skills, ability to concentrate, accuracy, responsibility and regularity in the performance of work are also essential.